Potable Water Solutions For Rural Communities – SA

An article written by Kyle Venktess of Fin 24 investigated the effects of the loss of potable water in South Africa through poor infrastructure. Venktess stated that over a third of South Africas water is lost due to aged and leaking infrastructure before it can be used.

Gideon Groenewald, a hydrologist, geologist and palaeontologist revealed that this reduction in water supply results in water shortages in rural areas, which consequently undermines the lives of children. Groenewald is involved with NGOs and has indicated that the NGOs consequently have to source water for these communities by drilling boreholes.

He further stated the importance of educating people in rural communities about water management and mentioned that children end up not go to school as a result of having to collect water from their families from great distances.

Mop Tech partners with NGOs to provide potable water solutions from borehole and well water for safe consumption and use in rural communities.

Find the full article here: https://www.fin24.com/Economy/South-Africa/over-a-third-of-sa-water-supply-lost-through-poor-infrastructure-20180316


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