Water legislative reform-Lesotho

Delia Paul a thematic expert for poverty reduction, rights and governance revealed that the Global Water Partnership (GWP) network is supporting the Lesotho government to revise its national water and sanitation policy.

The review process began in 2016 and continued through to 2018. The process was carried out in three stages: review and comparison with international water policy and practices in selected countries: a survey of high level decision makers in government, business, and civil society and district-level stakeholder workshops. It resulted in the drafting of a white paper on water policy in Lesotho. The aim of the review is to update the existing 2007 water act.

Paul expressed that the revision seeks to incorporate greater recognition of water supply and sanitation services, integrated catchment management and the sustainable development goals.

Mop Tech aligns itself with the sustainable development goals. Our founding principles include green and sustainable engineering practices as well as environmental stewardship.

Find the full article here: http://sdg.iisd.org/news/lesotho-deliberates-changes-to-water-policy/

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